TWICE Nayeon donated 20 million won, a heart as beautiful as her visuals

The story of TWICE Nayeon’s 20 million won donation, which became known belatedly, warmed the hearts of many.

It has recently been reported that TWICE Nayeon has designated 20 million won (around 15,000 USD) in donations to Donggang Hospital (hospital director Kim Kang Seong) through the Ulsan Social Welfare Community Chest.

TWICE Nayeon bodysuit

As it turns out, Nayeon’s good deeds became known belatedly because the female idol did not want her name to be known while making the donation.

However, the story was revealed after a donor appeared and helped a patient hospitalized at Donggang Hospital who was unable to undergo surgery because their family could not pay the medical expenses.

TWICE Nayeon

Meanwhile, TWICE will release their 12th mini album “Ready To Be” at 2 p.m. on March 10th.

In addition, Nayeon’s busy schedule continues as she has been selected as the official model for a beauty brand.

Source: Nate

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