TWICE Nayeon doesn’t read her messages for months? Doesn’t care about replying

Nayeon, a member of girl group TWICE, showed a nonchalant attitude towards not replying or replying to messages late.

On May 24th, a video of TWICE Nayeon playing a balance game was released on the YouTube channel of Cosmopolitan Korea.


Here, Nayeon was asked to pick between “a close friend who replies after 1 hour” versus “a close friend who gets upset if you don’t reply within 30 minutes”. The female idol quickly chose the option of a close friend who replies after 1 hour, honestly stating, “Because I don’t read messages for days… no, even for months”.

Nayeon also explained, “I’m not the type of person who gets upset or sad if someone doesn’t reply or replies late“, adding, “Everyone has personal circumstances, so it’s okay if a friend or anyone doesn’t reply. But I think it would be difficult if someone gets upset because I can’t reply within 30 minutes.”

When asked to select between “Living with a friend for 24 hours” versus “Living without any friends”, Nayeon immediately chose “Living with a friend for 24 hours”.


“I don’t have that many friends, but when I’m with my close members and friends, even if we’re together, it feels like we’re doing our own things separately”, she answered, adding, “Even if I have really close friends, we often have separate tasks to do, so I prefer having really close friends who respect each other’s privacy rather than having no friends at all.”

Afterwards, Nayeon was taken aback by the options of performing either only her solo song “Pop”, or TWICE’s latest title song “Set Me Free” for the rest of her life. 

In the end, she opted for “Set Me Free”, explaining, “I’m in TWICE, so it’s natural to sing TWICE songs, but both of them require live performances, and ‘POP’ is a hundred times more challenging. So I would choose ‘Set Me Free’.”

Finally, Nayeon chose “Opening Center” over “Ending Fairy” as the one she’s more confident in. 

According to Nayeon, the opening center position only requires her to follow the choreography her group has practiced, while being the ending fairy always comes with pressure. “Being the ending fairy comes with the responsibility of satisfying fans who have come to see it”, the female idol explained. 

However, when the production staff asked Nayeon to strike an ending fairy pose, she effortlessly displayed her aegyo, showcasing her professional idol qualities.

Source: Nate 

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