TWICE Nayeon, “Contract renewal with all members? Everyone still want to be TWICE”

Nayeon, a member of girl group TWICE, revealed the reason why all TWICE members decided to renew their contract. 

On December 18th, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Korea posted a video featuring TWICE Nayeon on their official YouTube channel. 

In the video, Nayeon said that she collects a lot of cameras and is very interested in cooking. “I think I’m a little obsessed with making soup, stew, or rice. I made kimchi fried rice for Chaeyoung. She liked it,” the female idol confessed. 

Then, Nayeon mentioned TWICE’s contract renewal, saying, “Each member has their own worries and reasons, but we all seem to have something in common: everyone still want to be with the members, everyone still want to be TWICE.”

Afterwards, Nayeon shared about the time she gifted ITZY members with headphones, saying, “I thought their schedules were tiring so I wanted to give them presents. I wanted to give them something they needed.”

“At that time, I heard they were going on an overseas tour. While I was on tour this year, I used headphones a lot. I asked around and I thought none of them had it, so that’s why I gave them the headphones”, she added. 

Finally, Nayeon revealed that all ITZY members texted her to say thank you, and that she felt touched. 

Source: Nate 

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