TWICE Momo draws admiration with her nice body in her newly released daily life photos

Momo, a member of girl group TWICE, is attracting fans’ attention by delivering her recent status through new photos.

Several photos were posted on the official Instagram account of TWICE on May 13th. The main character in the released pictures is Momo.


With the caption “Photos by Dahyunie”, TWICE members once again proved their strong friendship. Although Momo was wearing a mask, fans could still immediately find out which member that was. It’s not easy to recognize a person by only looking at their eyes, but fans with their huge love for the girls can do it. 


Momo showed off her unique charm and perfect body figure by doing some natural poses while taking the escalator. Meanwhile, TWICE left for Los Angeles, the U.S. to perform their two-day concert on the 14th and 15th (local time).

Source: Nate

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