TWICE MiSaMo unveils MV for debut song “Do Not Touch” in Japan

The first sub-unit of TWICE, MiSaMo, released the audio and MV for debut title track “Do Not Touch” on July 14th. 

MiSaMo, TWICE’s first sub-unit which consists of 3 Japanese members Mina, Sana, and Momo, will officially release their debut album, “Masterpiece”, on July 26th. 


On July 14th, however, the debut title track “Do Not Touch” was released, showing the natural charm, individual colors, and maturity of the three members in the R&B genre. With the warning phrase “Do not touch”, the song likens MiSaMo members to art pieces, as one simply do not touch artworks within a museum. 

The highlight of the song’s lyrics, “Yes you can watch me / If if you love me / But you can’t touch me / If if you love me”, delivers a message that the members are precious beings deserving of respect. Meanwhile, the “Do Not Touch” MV features the dazzling visuals of Mina, Sana, and Momo, as well as their elegant aura, vibrant costumes, and colorful backgrounds, guiding viewers into a world resembling a complete work of art.


At the same time, the debut album “Masterpiece” demonstrates the fans’ high expectations for TWICE MiSaMo’s first release as a unit, as well as the corresponding high-quality of the album. It includes a total of seven tracks, including the title track “Do Not Touch”, “Behind The Curtain”, “Marshmallow”, “Funny Valentine”, “It’s not easy for you”, “Rewind you”, and “Bouquet”. Momo, Mina, and Sana participated in the lyrics writing for the 4th track “Funny Valentine”, 5th track “It’s not easy for you”, and 6th track “Rewind you”, respectively, completing a meaningful album.

Misamo, a highly anticipated combination, will hold their mini-album release showcase “MISAMO JAPAN SHOWCASE 2023” at Osaka Intex Osaka Hall 5 on July 22nd to 23rd and Tokyo PIA Arena MM from July 25th to 27th, celebrating this special occasion with their fans.


Meanwhile, TWICE has recently embarked on their fifth world tour, “TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR ‘READY TO BE,'” achieving various firsts and record-breaking achievements. In May, they held solo concerts at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka and Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, setting a record for being the first Korean girl group to perform at Japanese stadiums. 

Later on, TWICE continued their success by moving to North America, with sold-out concerts at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles in June and MetLife Stadium in New York in July, solidifying their reputation as “stadium artists”. Their largest-scale world tour to date, “READY TO BE”, will continue in various locations worldwide, generating hot enthusiasm.

Source: Daum 

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