BTS V appeared in Guinness Book’s 2023 edition… What is his record?

BTS V met readers from more than 100 countries around the world as he was listed in the 2023 edition of the Guinness Book.

V‘s record was published in the 2023 edition of the Guinness World Records (Guinness Book), which is published annually by Guinness World Records and sold worldwide. V’s photo and record can be found in the “Modern World” section.

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Marking its 68th anniversary this year, the book boasts a huge sales volume of 138 million copies, with about 3,500 new records published in more than 100 countries in more than 20 languages.

On Dec 6th last year, BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts without notice, receiving enthusiastic responses.

In particular, V attracted followers at a tremendous speed. He gained 1 million followers in 43 minutes and 10 million followers in just 4 hours and 52 minutes, making it a Guinness World Record.

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He then broke the world record of reaching 50 million followers in the shortest time. He also became the first Korean man to surpass 54 million followers.

A year later, the record is still unbroken.

In addition to Guinness Records, V has set various records in the past year standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s top stars.

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Along with followers, he set a record of exceeding 20 million “likes” (held by only 10 people in the world) and became the first Asian to own four 19-million-like posts.

The estimated cost of an Instagram sponsored post evaluated by marketing agencies was $814,000 (KRW 1.048 billion), which was evaluated as the world’s No.1 advertising value.

2023 Guinness Book of Records

In the HypeAuditor influencer ranking, he ranked first among the world’s male singers and ranked sixth among global influencers, the highest ever for a Korean star.

Fashion media The Impression recognized V’s worldwide influence by selecting V as the only man along with Kylie Jenner and others for the “2022 THE BANKABLES”.

2023 Guinness Book of Records

V is also at the top of various popularity indicators, such as No.1 in Google’s “most searched Asian celebrities” for 2 consecutive years, the most Wikipedia viewed page among K-pop solo artists, No.1 among K-pop solo artists in Spotify’s 2022 follower increase ranking…

Source: Daum

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