Sandara Park (Dara) got dumped by an online boyfriend

Although Sandara Park did online dating to bypass YG’s dating restriction, her relationship did not end well.

Recently, Sandara Park (also known as Sandara Park) appeared as a guest on the “No Back Tak Hae Joon” YouTube channel. As a veteran artist with long years of experience, Sandara Park has a lot to share on this episode. Most notably, Sandara Park openly shared her thoughts on marriage and past experiences of dating.

Sandara Park revealed a lot of male idols pursued her at the time 2NE1 debuted

Since Sandara Park debuted with 2NE1 in 2009, she has never gone public with anyone, raising curiosity. In the episode, the “Kiss” singer said she was banned from dating during the first five years of activities. She said that 2NE1 was “attacked” by male idols and the news soon reached the Chairman. He proceeded to confiscate the members’ phones.

Nonetheless, at the time, the singer had a secret plan to look for a romantic relationship. She said that senior and junior idols approached her. At the age of 26, she believed she was suited for the dating scene. 


Despite having experienced romantic relationships, the 2NE1 member rarely gets involved in dating rumors throughout the years. Talking about this, Sandara Park revealed that she had previously dated someone online and only met them in person once or twice. 

In particular, the female idol recalled with a sense of regret that she communicated with the boyfriend through messages. However, she was dumped because they didn’t meet in person. According to Sandara Park, she planned to go on vacation with the boyfriend, but she got scared since she has never traveled with him. In the end, when he called, she didn’t answer all night, causing the boyfriend to break up with her. 


On the other hand, Sandara Park described her ideal type as a “cute and tough younger guy”. She also said that even though it’s okay if she’s more well-off than the guy, she wants somebody who isn’t after her money or fame, who is capable and can support her. 

In the same video, when asked why she isn’t married yet, Sandara Park mentioned that she saw a lot of failed marriages around her, and thought that she would eventually end up like them. 

Source: Billboard  

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