The unnecessary apologies from Kpop idols

Fans think that Jung Kook (BTS), Win Win (NCT), Hyung Won (Monsta X)… didn’t need to apologize because “they didn’t do anything wrong”.


During BTS‘s vacation in 2019, the footage of Jung Kook spending time with one of his female friends – Lee Mi Joo – was leaked from CCTV. This immediately sparked dating rumors between the two. BTS‘s company, Big Hit Entertainment, denied the information, and Lee Mi Joo also had to issue her denial through an official statement on her personal account. Big Hit even filed a lawsuit against the person who leaked the photos for the act of violating personal information and defamation.

In BTS‘s traveling reality show “Bon Voyage 4“, Jung Kook personally apologized to his fans, “I’m really sorry to the fans. I still feel guilty about this incident.” and made a promise not to disappoint fans in the future. Many say that the male singer does not need to apologize just because he “decided to go out with his friends”.

Win Win

At the beginning of last year, Win Win (NCT) has faced a lot of controversies when some photos of him spending time with two female friends in China were leaked on social networks. They had dinner together before heading to the game center late at night, after which Win Win was spotted smoking on the way home.

Fans are divided about Win Win‘s case. While some people expressed disappointment with the idol’s behavior, especially his smoking, many said that Win Win was a grown-up and didn’t do anything wrong. However, the singer still apologized directly to fans through the LYSN app, explaining that he was hanging out with some old classmates in China at the time. “I’m very sorry for making everyone worried,” he said.

monsta x

Earlier in 2020, Monsta X’s six current members were caught having a meal with their former member Won Ho, who left the group in 2019. Although many fans were happy to see the interaction among the 7 members of the original team, some criticized the Monsta X members for keeping in touch with Won Ho.

hyun won

Shortly afterward, Hyung Won, one of the 6 members, made an official statement and apologized on behalf of the group. Although the singer did not directly refer to the leaked photos, the content of the statement made fans believe that this was his direct response to the incident. “I’m really sorry,” the singer said. He affirmed that the members “will reflect on their own mistakes”. The public gave split opinions around Hyung Won‘s official apology.

Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon

After the media announced that the results of the survival program “Produce X 101” were rigged, the agency companies of the members from the winning group X1 made the official disbandment decision for the boy group. Particularly, two members from MBK Entertainment Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon took to their personal SNS accounts to apologize for the sudden news, even though the disbandment was their companies’ decision, not the members’.

Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon

Despite the apology of the two members being received with great sympathy, fans were angry, saying that the group’s disbandment was unreasonable. Many defended X1, saying that the members themselves had done nothing wrong.

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