TWICE members are upset over Jeongyeon’s photo? “The real one is much prettier”

TWICE members set out to correct the bizarre expression of a member, Jeongyeon.

On August 30th, TWICE Jeongyeon posted several photos on her Instagram

One published photo shows Jeongyeon taking a selfie with glasses larger than her face. The female idol boasted chic silver-colored hair and showed off her sparkling eyes, exuding a neat atmosphere.

However, this neat atmosphere was completely gone in the photo that follows, as Jeongyeon made a playful expression while pulling her chin up, creating an “ugly” look. 

Seeing this, other TWICE members rushed to jokingly “defend” Jeongyeon, with Nayeon saying, “Everyone, the real one is much prettier in person” and drawing laughter. Meanwhile, Chaeyoung also commented: “Yes, this is too much!”.

On the other hand, Jeongyeon’s group TWICE recently released their new album “Between 1&2” and the title song “Talk that Talk”.

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