TWICE is now Nayeon and friends? New album’s line distribution is causing controversy

Many netizens think that JYP is clearly showing bias towards Nayeon

As the top 3rd generation K-pop girl group, every comeback, TWICE always receives a lot of attention from the audience.  However, during their comeback with the album Between 1&2, the members’ singing time caused controversy.  Many netizens think that JYP is clearly showing bias towards Nayeon

In the title song “Talk That Talk”, Nayeon is the member who sings the most in the group with 25.4% of the song.  Meanwhile, the main vocal Jihyo received only 17.1%.  Even two members Momo and Chaeyoung didn’t get 8% of the song.  Not only that, in the MV Talk That Talk, Nayeon is also the member who gets the most screen time, more than visual Tzuyu.

Of the remaining songs on the album “Between 1&2”, Nayeon is also one of the members who sings the most.  For the songs Queen of Hearts and Gone, she occupies nearly 30% of the songs. 

In the remaining 4 songs of this album: “When We Were Kids”, “Trouble”, “Basics”, and “Brave”, Nayeon’s singing time is not at the top, but it is only inferior to main vocalist Jihyo.  The other members of TWICE only have a short amount of singing time.

As a result, in the album Between 1&2, Nayeon is the one who sings the most with the total singing time out of all songs being 21.5%.  This makes TWICE fans extremely angry, especially the individual fans of the other members

At the time of their debut, TWICE was often referred to as ‘Nayeon and friends’. During promotional stages or projects, she always receives more favors than other members. She is also the first member of TWICE to debut solo. 

As a popular girl group of the 3rd generation, TWICE always receives the attention of the audience.  However, JYP Entertainment’s obvious bias towards Nayeon has caused a lot of controversy.

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