TWICE in crisis? TWICE may have to make some necessary adjustments in light of current situations 

TWICE’s recent comebacks have not recorded impressive achievements domestically. 

Of late, TWICE is experiencing a crisis, most apparent in the group’s digital achievement. According to the figure, the popularity they have got seems to be on a decline. While the comebacks are still well-loved by the fans, the group can hardly maintain the heat with the wider public and fan community. 


In the early days, TWICE had a succession of hits, from “Cheer Up,” “TT”, “Knock Knock” to “What Is Love”. Their digital achievements were impressive and charted well on domestic music sites. However, the JYP girl group is going through a, much or less, difficult time as their newest release “Set Me Free” disappeared from the domestic charts two days after its release. 

Netizens believed that was partly due to the direction from the higher-up, or, JYP Entertainment. The recent songs produced by JYP lack originality and are more formulaic. Other groups under JYP also experience the same situation. They simply could not produce a resounding media effect as before. One the other hand, some netizens attributed this situation partly to the unimproved live-singing skills of some members in TWICE. 

twice set me free

Nonetheless, with an established fanbase, TWICE is maintaining a stable position. The JYP girl group surpassed BLACKPINK on Billboard 200 to be the K-pop act with the highest first-week album sales. Their world tour tickets are all sold out with audiences flocking to the concert nights. 

Therefore, perhaps, with a little bit of adjustment, TWICE will find a more suitable route to walk on in no time. 

Source: K14

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