TWICE has the highest album sales among female artists debuted in and after 2011

Gaon Chart recently released its 10-year cumulative album sales data. 

Gaon Chart recently released the data on cumulative album sales from January 2011 to November 2021 summarizing the combined album sales by singers who debuted in and after 2011.

TWICE album sales

As a result, it was revealed that TWICE recorded 7,299,094 copies sold among female artists, while BTS recorded the most albums sold among male artists, which is a total of 32,783,223 copies.

In addition, in the solo category, Taeyeon showed the highest sales among female solo artists with 1,051,567 copies sold, while Baekhyun was named the highest sales among male solo artists in the album category with 2,657,711 copies sold.

Meanwhile, a total of 10 teams (3 soloists, 7 groups) sold more than 1 million copies, a total of 7 teams (1 soloist, 6 group teams) sold more than 2 million copies, a total of 3 teams sold more than 3 million copies, 2 teams with more than 4 million copies, and 3 teams with more than 10 million copies.

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