Turns out the person behind Kim Tae Ri’s travel vlog is this legendary PD 

On May 15th, the last episode of Kim Tae Ri’s vlog series “So This is The Place?” was released on the official YouTube channel of her agency, “Management MMM”. At the end of the video, a line that reads, “Kim Tae Ri x Kim Tae Ho x MMM” appears, stimulating viewers’ curiosity. According to JTBC, PD Kim Tae Ho, who is well-known for directing MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and other successful variety shows, took part in the production process of Kim Tae Ri’s vlog series. 

CEO of Management MMM wanted to present Kim Tae Ri’s vlog in a more genuine way, so he discussed this with PD Kim Tae Ho, whom he is close to, and PD Kim Tae Ho willingly gave advice and provided his help in the production process. 

kim tae ho

Thanks to this, interesting travel vlogs were born and successfully captured Kim Tae Ri’s signature refreshing and lively charm in an authentic way. Viewers also showed positive responses to this unexpected combination, saying that the “synergy” between Kim Tae Ri and Kim Tae Ho make the vlogs very pleasant to watch. 

kim tae ho

The vlog series “So This is The Place?”, which introduces viewers to raw moments of Kim Tae Ri’s daily life and shows off her loveable, quirky charm, has garnered much attention since it was posted on YouTube. The first episode has attracted more than 2 million views. 

Kim Tae-ri

The official YouTube channel of “Management MMM” also surpassed 150,000 subscribers after the release of Kim Tae Ri’s vlog, earning a silver button.

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