Trevor Noah shares his thoughts after meeting BTS, “Compared to them, N Sync was…”

Stand-up comedian Trevor Noah, who hosted the 64th Grammy Awards, mentioned his meeting with BTS.

The Daily Show”, which is hosted by Trevor Noah, aired on Youtube on April 14th showed Trevor Noah answering questions from audiences.

When an audience asked, “What was it like to talk to BTS?’, Trevor Noah said, “You know they say sometimes when you experience too much joy in a moment, you sort of black it out. That’s what I felt”. Trevor Noah then said, “One thing I love about BTS is they are the nicest group of people you’ll ever meet. Sometimes people say ‘nice’ but they lose the context. BTS members are just nice in every interaction that they have with people and what they do”, praising BTS members.

BTS Grammy 2022

Trevor Noah added, “And they’re so good and efficient at what they do. They hit their marks, they’re learning their moves and doing everything really precisely. You know?”, adding, “I’m not even trying to throw shade or anything but while watching them I was like ‘Man, N Sync was nothing to them’. I just naturally compared the moves that these kids were doing and then thought of the boy bands I grew up with”, drawing laughter.

BTS Grammy 2022

Meanwhile, Trevor Noah recently drew attention as he hosted the 64th Grammy Awards and also had a short interview with BTS.

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