Top star Kang Dong-won will make a surprise appearance on “Starry Night”, co-hosted by BTS’ V and Park Hyo-shin 

Actor Kang Dong-won is appearing on MBC standard FM “Starry Night”, raising expectation of the runion with BTS’ V.  

Kang Dong Won
Actor Kang Dong-won. Image: News1

“Starry Night” reported on its official Instagram account on the 28th that actor Kang Dong-won will appear as a special guest in the guest seat section of “Starry Night,” which will be broadcast on the same day.

Kang Dong Won
The official Instagram of “Starry Night”

The post had the caption urging, “What you want to say to Kang Dong-won!! Please leave a comment!!”, “‘Starry Night’ is also available on MBC radio application (mini) and MBC YouTube channel (audio only). The visible radio is taking a break.”

Kang Dong Won

Currently, “Starry Night” is DJed by singer Park Hyo-shin and BTS member V on behalf of DJ Kim Eana, who is on vacation. Kang Dong-won’s appearance seems to be realized through his friendship with the two.

In particular, Kang Dong-won and V are also well known for their origins in Geochang. Fans are expecting what the two will talk about on the radio.

Kang Dong Won

Park Hyo-shin and V will be co-hosts for two days from the 27th, a day earlier to today (28th). Park Hyo-shin was chosen as a special DJ until the 2nd of next month.

Source: Wikitree

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