Top 10 Kpop female stars who has most-loved bodies

These 10 female stars all have sexy bodies

In a recent survey conducted by Job Korea and Albamon, Korean women expressed their aspirations for achieving certain body shapes after successful dieting. The survey revealed the top 10 most voted beauties, showcasing the body ideals of K-biz female stars. Topping the list is none other than Jennie from the internationally renowned group BLACKPINK.

Securing the 10th spot is Jessi, the sizzling female rapper in K-pop. Breaking traditional beauty standards, Jessi captivates with her fiery hourglass figure and sun-kissed healthy skin, challenging the norms prevalent in Korea.


Taking the 9th position is Son Naeun, admired for her slim physique adored by many Korean and Asian women. With soft curves and an active sporty style, Son Naeun has become a popular subject of discussion on various forums within Korea.

son na eun

At number 8, we have IU, the petite and talented artist standing at 161.7 cm tall and weighing 44.9 kg, captivating fans with her delicate figure.


Soyou secures the 7th spot, serving as a weight loss inspiration in the world of K-pop. Through a healthy weight loss journey, she transformed from a plump physique to a figure that embodies the standard body ratio. Soyou also frequently shares her workout routines and diet experiences with her dedicated fan base.

Sistar Soyou

Rosé, a member of BLACKPINK, claims the 6th position, renowned for her slim and adorable figure. Her curves are often likened to the fluidity of water, effortlessly drawing attention wherever she goes.


Coming in at 5th place is Suzy, who possesses both stunning beauty and an enviable figure. Despite facing initial criticism for appearing plump at the start of her career, Suzy’s relentless efforts have placed her consistently among the top-ranking K-pop beauties.


Jun Ji Hyun, the only non-K-pop idol on the list, secures the 4th position. Standing tall at 1.73 m, Jun Ji Hyun’s firm physique and captivating “S-shaped” curves make her the epitome of elegance and grace, forever adored by her fans.


Securing the 3rd position is Seolhyun, another celebrated “body queen” in K-pop. Having experienced weight issues in the past, Seolhyun diligently engaged in exercise and diet regimens to achieve her desired figure. She has debunked social media rumors suggesting that her diet solely consists of chicken breasts, eggs, and sweet potatoes to maintain her shape.


Renowned as the “Sexy Icon of Korea,” HyunA claims the 2nd position. Known for her bold and revealing outfits, HyunA proudly showcases her slender and toned physique, captivating audiences with her confident allure.


At the pinnacle of the list stands Jennie from BLACKPINK, securing the coveted top spot. Her slender yet alluring figure, including slim shoulders, an “ant waist,” and curvaceous hips, effortlessly complements any attire, establishing her as the embodiment of beauty and style.


These top 10 female stars exemplify the diverse and admired body shapes desired by Korean women, inspiring many on their own journeys toward achieving their ideal figures after successful dieting.

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