“I came here uncomfortably” TXT Taehyun, public attacking sasaeng fans

TXT Taehyun drew attention by giving a short and heavy warning to sasaeng fans.

On August 23rd, Taehyun uploaded sniping messages specifying someone on the global fandom live platform “Weverse”. These messages are known to be in response to a fan asking, “Didn’t you have a hard time when you came?”

txt taehyun

His posts contained a warning to sasaeng fans. He confessed that on the plane, the passenger in the front seat looked back at him and filmed him without permission while he was sleeping. This person also pretended to take selfies to secretly take photos of him.

He wrote, “I came here uncomfortably. If you come to the fan signing event, I’ll treat you well as always. So if you see this, I hope you don’t do that from now on.”

txt taehyun

Some netizens on the online community “Nate Pann” expressed concern, “I think the way he speaks is a little straightforward. He says things he shouldn’t say to fans”, “This kind of people shouldn’t become idols”, “Taehyun, be careful. I’m a fan, so I understand everything, but there are fans who don’t. I don’t think it’s necessary to say it”…

However, most netizens applauded his candid remarks.

They cheered him on, “There’s no need to be nice to sasaeng fans”, “I think it was necessary even though it was a bit straightforward”, “I hope that other idols don’t mind the public and speak firmly”…

Source: wikitree

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