A look at the 4,8 billion-won penthouse that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will leave after their wedding

After Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin hold their wedding, this will be the newlywed couple’s house. 

Earlier on Feb 10th, the Asian entertainment industry is shaken by the wedding news from Hyun Bin and Song Ye Jin. Finally, after many days of longing, the couple is going to tie the knot today (March 31). At the moment, netizens are digging back photos of the luxurious penthouse that was rumored to be the newlywed house that Hyun Bin has purchased to prepare for the wedding.

According to many reports, this luxurious penthouse is worth 4,8 billion won (about 4 million USD) and is located at Achiul, Guri, Gyeonggi Province. What’s worth talking about is that photos and info about this real estate have already appeared in Feb 2021. Even though Hyun Bin has denied the rumor that he bought the house for his wife-to-be Son Ye Jin, many fans have noticed how the penthouse fits perfectly with Son’s preference. Turn our he has been preparing for their newlywed house from a year ago.

hyun bin son ye jin penthouse
A closer look at Hyun Bin’s penthouse. This penthouse is placed on the 4th floor of a luxurious apartment unit and is about 242,45 square meters.
hyun bin son ye jin penthouse
The apartment unit’s side view. According to many sources, the couple’s neighbor is actor Oh Yeon Seo.
hyun bin son ye jin penthouse
Son Ye Jin once confessed that she liked to live somewhere with fresh air and close to nature. This penthouse fits perfectly with what she wants.
hyun bin son ye jin penthouse
Many are impressed by the kitchen’s interior and color scheme. The elegance and delicacy show Hyun Bin’s impressive taste.
hyun bin son ye jin penthouse
As for the bedroom, the woody color scheme creates a warm and soft atmosphere.
hyun bin son ye jin penthouse
A whole walk-in closet for their clothing and accessories.
hyun bin son ye jin
Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin!
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