This new actress sobbed on the bus after she surpassed over 500 contestants to win the casting

Actress Kim Hye Joon expressed her feelings about participating in the original Disney+ series “Connect.”

Kim Hye Joon attended the “Disney Content Showcase 2022” on Dec 1st to commemorate Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary and to unveil its new content to be unveiled in theaters and streaming services.

kim hye joon connect

At the event, Disney held a press conference for original contents in the Asia-Pacific region, where “Connect” was officially introduced.

“Connect” tells the story of a new human being with a body that cannot die Dong Soo, who was kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization and lost one eye, chasing after a serial killer after learning that his eyes were transplanted into a serial killer who flipped Korea upside down.

kim hye joon connect

Kim Hye Joon will play the mysterious, veiled figure named Yi Rang, who knows the secret of “Connect”.

At the press conference event, Kim Hye Joon said, “I played the role of Choi Yi Rang. I have had a special time while working on this series. I’m excited and grateful to be able to greet viewers through Disney not only in Korea but also around the world.”

Disney+ “Connect”

She also mentioned how she changed her appearance to digest the character. Kim Hye Joon said, “I get to try CG acting and a little of action acting, and it was my first time feeling such an experience. I tried a style that I didn’t think I would,” she shared.


“I bleached my hair and built a different look. Acting as a heroine was fun, but I was disappointed that my body didn’t follow me well,” she said.

Kim Hye Joon also talked about the fun part of filming, “I sometimes get hit with reality when I see Dong Soo (Jeong Hae In) enduring the CG acting. I was teasing his suffering, but I soon regretted it when it was my turn,” she smilingly said.


Netflix “Kingdom”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Joon has been accumulating her own filmography by playing various characters based on her solid acting skills since her debut in the web drama “Lily Fever” in 2015.

kim hye joon

The first time she made her face known was when she played a heavy role in the Netflix “Kingdom” series, which was the young but ambitious Queen.

However, it was not a positive fame for her as she had no experience in historical dramas at the time. Kim had had to face controversy over her acting skills as well as the somewhat sloppy vocalization and tone.

Queen Cho-Kim Hye Jun-Kingdom

However, in the immediately following film “Another Child,” the 27-year-old actress unbelievably immersed herself into the role of a high school girl named Joo Ri. She showed her delicate emotional acting, captivating the audience.

“Another Child”

In particular, as Kim Hye Joon was still a new actress at the time, the news that she was cast in “Another Child” through a 500:1 competition rate brought much attention.

In response, Kim Hye Joon said, “I was waiting for the bus when I received the call announcing that I passed the audition,” adding, “I sobbed on the bus for about an hour from Gangnam-gu Office to Seodaemun.”

kim hye joon

Kim Hye Joon then won the 40th Blue Dragon Film Award for Best New Actress with her explosive acting skills in “Another Child.

In JTBC’s “Inspector Koo,” she played Song Yi Kyung, drawing attention by showing fantastic chemistry with actress Lee Young Ae.

In addition, she played the passionate intern Hong Eun Joo in the movie “Sinkhole,” showing off her unwavering presence among several veteran actors.

kim hye joon

As such, many are paying attention to whether Kim Hye Joon will be able to prove her true value once again through the newly released series “Connect.”

Meanwhile, the original Disney+ series “Connect,” starring Kim Hye Joon, will be released on the platform on December 7th.

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