After manipulating and lying controversies, Seo Ye-ji is not included in tvN’s 2022 lineup despite being the lead of its drama “Eve”

It’s the actress’s comeback project after a short hiatus.

Seo Ye-ji

Was tvN still burdened to announce the return of actress Seo Ye-ji? Starting with the controversy over manipulating actor Kim Jung-hyun in April last year, Seo Ye-ji was embroiled in rumors such as forgery of academic background and school violence. Despite starring in the drama “Eve,” the actress was excluded from the tvN drama lineup in 2022. Although it is a drama scheduled to air in the first half of this year, the problematic actress Seo Ye-ji seems to have not been mentioned. 

On January 20th, tvN introduced the 2022 New Drama Lineup through a press release. The works soon to be released by tvN, which have been confirmed by tvN so far, were “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” “Kill Heel,” “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” “Our Blues,” “Murder’s Shopping List,” “Link: Eat and Love to Kill,” and “Little Women.” 

However, “Eve” was not found in this lineup. It also includes “Adamas” and “Little Women,” which are scheduled to air in the second half of the year, but “Eve,” which is scheduled to air in the first half of the year, is not on the list. 

Actress Seo Ye-ji/ Photo by TenAsiaDB
Actress Seo Ye-ji/ Photo by TenAsiaDB

“Eve” is about a revenge designed for 13 years. It is expected to be the most intense and fatal high-quality melodrama that will take over Korea in 2022, and deal with the inside story of the chaebol’s divorce lawsuit worth 2 trillion won. 

In the drama, Seo Ye-ji was born between a genius father and a beautiful mother, but after experiencing an unfortunate family problem, she works with Lee Sang-yeop, who transforms into a character with fatal charm. Seo Eun-pyeong, the youngest member of the National Assembly played by Lee Sang-yeop, is a master from a nursery school and decided to become an powerful man as he watched innocent Lee Ra-el (Seo Ye-ji)’s family being trampled on.

“Eve” started filming at the end of last year and is known to be still filming. It is a sequel to the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Murderer’s Shopping List” and is being produced with the aim of broadcasting around May. Nevertheless, it seems that the reason why it was not listed in the lineup is that Seo Ye-ji, who was embroiled in a “private life controversy,” returns after a short seven-month break.

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