6 “chemistry masters” of Korean small screens: Lee Jong Suk pairs with many beauties, Park Min Young makes a great couple with every partner

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is to follow in the footsteps of seniors like Lee Jong Suk, Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young…

1. Park Seo Joon

When it comes to “chemistry masters”, Park Seo Joon can’t be excluded. His romantic dramas are always very passionate, including the bedroom scenes. His kiss scene in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” earned nearly 60 million views on YouTube. Park Seo Joon is considered to have many gallant and gentle gestures with his female co-star. He once paired up with Uhm Jung Hwa – a senior who is almost 20 years older than him.

2. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is one of the most enviable TV male idols when he constantly has the opportunity to co-star with Korean famous goddesses. Beside co-stars of the same age like Suzy, Park Shin Hye, there are also seniors much older than him like Lee Bo Young, Han Hyo Joo. No matter which co-stars he works with, he still managed to portray a romantic and loving boyfriend.

3. Park Min Young

Granted the nickname “queen of chemistry” of the Korean screens, Park Min Young is an indispensable name on this list. She has collaborated with many handsome male co-stars and creates good chemistry with each one of them. Park Min Young also has many hot kiss scenes with Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Park Seo Joon, Kim Jae Wook…

4. Park Bo Young

Her youthful appearance and witty acting help Park Bo Young create a harmonious connection with her male co-star. She had legendary collaborations with Song Jong Ki, Jo Jung Suk, Park Hyung Sik and most recently Seo In Guk.

5. Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won‘s amazing chemistry with her co-stars has created huge love affairs on the Korean screen, even when she only plays a supporting role. Typically, she has collaborated with Jin Goo in “Descendants of the Sun”, Park Seo Joon in “Fight For My Way”…

6. Jisoo

As an actress with little experience, BLACKPINK’s beauty proves that her chemistry is not average. Ever since “Snowdrop” was first broadcast, the audience could not contain their excitement at the sweet chemistry as well as the outstanding beauty of Jisoo and Jung Hae In. Jisoo also has a very good interaction with the supporting male Min Kyu.

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