“Our Beloved Summer” Kim Da-mi shows off her doll-like beauty through ELLE Hong Kong pictorials

Kim Da-mi graced the cover of ELLE Hong Kong.

On January 23rd, actress Kim Da-mi uploaded some photos on her Instagram along with a caption saying “ELLE HongKong”. The released photo is the cover of Elle Hong Kong magazine. Kim Da-mi boasted a mysterious atmosphere while wearing a green two-piece.

In other photos, Kim Da-mi put on a black mini dress, a colorful-patterned long dress and a blue shirt. These are pictorials where you can feel Kim Da-mi’s unrivaled charm.

Meanwhile, Kim Da-mi is starring in SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer“. Kim Da-mi (as Kook Yeon-soo) is receiving much love for exuding a unique chemistry with Choi Woo-sik (as Choi Woong).

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