This male Kpop idol was accused of sexual harassing TWICE Chaeyoung 

A rookie male Kpop idol allegedly posted a controversial photo with sexual implications towards TWICE Chaeyoung

Recently, a photo, said to have been posted by YOUNITE Hyunseung prior to his debut, started to make its rounds across various Korean online forums. 

The photo showed Hyunseung looking up to an image of TWICE Chaeyoung, giving the illusion that he’s peeking at her skirts. In addition, he also added the caption “kimochi”, which is a Japanese term used to describe somebody feeling good, though outside of Japan, it is often used with a more perverse tone. 


The image is a blatant sexual harrassment move towards Chaeyoung, netizens said, pointing out Hyunseung’s use of word and the direction of his eyes. Even worse, the image of Chaeyoung used was taken when she was still a minor. 

At the moment, Hyunseung is drowned in criticism by both Korean and international audiences, who also demanded him to apologize and leave his group. 


Hyunseung debuted under Brand New Music, as a member of rookie boy group YOUNITE. The 9 member group released their first song in April, and includes Eunsang – a former member of X1 and top contender in famous survival show “Produce X 101”.

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