This male idol received applause despite not showing up for a fan event 

A boy group member was suddenly absent from a fan event for his group’s comeback album, and yet received praise. 

Boy group SF9 will be releasing their 12th mini album “The PIECE OF9” on January 9th, and begin promotions for the title song “Puzzle”. 


Accordingly, on January 5th, SF9’s agency FNC Entertainment, decided to hold a fan event to commemorate this 12th mini album. However, on the same day, FNC announced that member Dawon will not be able to attend the aforementioned schedule. 

Dawon, who is known for putting his heart into anything related to fans, rented a cafe in Apgujeong to pay tribute to the fans who congratulated his birthday last year.


Fans were perplexed by the sudden news of Dawon’s absence,  but the agency later surprised fans by revealing the reason behind it. In particular, Dawon had witnessed and helped rescue a patient who collapsed from cardiac arrest.

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According to FNC Entertainment, Dawon witnessed a person collapse from cardiac arrest while taking a bath in a sauna that day, and immediately called 119. He then received advice on first aid measures and helped to keep the patient stable. 


Afterwards, Dawon handed over the patient to the paramedics who arrived at the scene, and the agency announced that after consulting with Dawon, they decided to cancel his schedule for the day and let him rest. 

“We ask for the understanding of fans who will be saddened by the news of Dawon’s sudden absence from the event. We will do our best to help the artist recover quickly”, FNC added.


After news of Dawon’s actions were reported, many netizens show admiration for the male idol and express respect to him. 

On the other hand, when Dawon was a trainee, he applied to FNC because he thought that the agency was Starship Entertainment, which manages SISTAR. It was only after watching an AOA video at his agency did he realize he was wrong. 

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In 2016, he was named as a finalist for the Mnet survival show “d.o.b (Dance or Band)”, and debuted as a member of SF9 in the same year. 

Source: Daum

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