Yoo Ah In’s Neighbors Reveal His Itaewon Home Has Been Empty for Three Years

As the police recently raided Yoo Ah In’s Itaewon house for drug use suspicions, testimony that the house has been left empty for 3 years was reported.

News1 interviewed residents living nearby Yoo Ah In’s house in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on March 8th, a day after the police conducted a search and seizure at his home. 

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A, a man in his 30s who joined the interview, said, “I had hardly seen Yoo Ah In since 2021 after he filmed ‘I Live Alone’. I heard he moved to another place”.

Yoo Ah In appeared on two broadcasts of MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone” on June 19th and 26th, 2020.

A said, “Packages still pile up here sometimes, so I wonder if deliveries still come this way. Since the house was empty, the police seemed to go crazy looking for traces of drug use yesterday. The road was also blocked.”

In fact, Yoo Ah In’s former residence did not show any signs of residence. The windows were covered with green plastic boxes, and the exterior walls were still littered with broken tiles.

B, a woman in her 50s, shared, “I’ve never met Yoo Ah In in the neighborhood. The person who used to have sparkling eyes now looks a bit strange on TV. I feel sorry for him, the entertainment industry must have been so competitive and stressful.”

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Yoo Ah In’s drug use suspicion was revealed last year when the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety asked the police to investigate 51 people suspected of habitually administering propofol.

On March 5th, the police conducted a preliminary urine test on Yoo Ah In when he just returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport after his trip to the U.S. and found positive traces of THC, the main ingredient of marijuana.

After conducting a more precise examination of Yoo Ah In’s urine and hair samples at the National Forensic Service, four kinds of drugs, including propofol, ketamine, marijuana, and cocaine, were detected.

yoo ah in

The police are currently investigating the circumstances of Yoo Ah In’s drug use and purchase history through the analysis of his phone records, and they plan to summon him for questioning next week.

The police have not revealed any information about the evidence they seized during the search of Yoo Ah In’s house on March 7th.

Source: wikitree

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