Red Velvet performed with the full lineup after 2 years, Irene was praised for her improved skills after her attitude scandal

After canceling the schedule at M Countdown, Red Velvet finally had an official stage with the full 5-member lineup on television after 2 years.

On August 20, Red Velvet performed “Queendom” on Music Bank. According to the original plan, the group will have their first comeback stage in this promotion on “M Countdown” on August 19. However, two staff members of the program were infected with Covid-19, so this week’s broadcast was forced to be cancelled urgently.

This is the first time SM‘s 5-member girl group has performed together on a national television stage after nearly 2 years since the performance of ‘Psycho’ at SBS Gayo Daejeon at the end of 2019. After Wendy‘s terrible accident, Red Velvet debuted a unit group consisting of Irene & Seulgi and the solo performances by Wendy and Joy.

This has touched many fans’ emotions because the group had been resting for quite a long time. Moreover, meeting their idols in real life is also very limited due to the complicated epidemic situation. Therefore, when seeing the 5 girls still full of energy on stage, the group’s fans are extremely happy.

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  • I don’t care what people say; I’m glad they’re back with their Red side.
  • After such a lengthy absence, it deserves to be the song that welcomes Red Velvet back to the stage as the queens.
  • Can’t stop looking at Wendy’s smile and dance moves on stage; she’s overcome the accident.
  • I’m not a Reveluv, but I’m super excited and happy to see Red Velvet return to the stage after nearly 2 years.
  • Wendy never fails to amaze me. Every time she’s on stage, she improves more and more and more.

Aside from Wendy, Irene is the member who is now getting the most attention due to a significant attitude incident at the end of last year. Netizens said that she moved more energetically, danced better, and had more facial emotions than before.

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  • I know Irene is a relatively good performer, but this time, she was much better.
  • After watching this performance, I’m sure that Irene hasn’t aged at all. Tbh every time I see her, I want to thank god for her existence.
  • Irene is still at the top of her game
  • Welcome back ending fairy legend – Irene
  • Irene is the master of ending fairies, as always
  • Even though she’s 8 years older than Yeri, Irene still looks young. In terms of skills, she also improved compared to the previous comebacks.
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