This chicken brand went viral thanks to BTS Jungkook’s mukbang

10 million people flocked to BTS Jungkook’s chicken mukbang. He is creating a buzz around the world.

At around 1 AM on Feb 3rd, through the fan community Weverse, Jungkook started a personal live broadcast of eating chicken under the title “ㅋㅋㅋ (LOL)” to communicate with fans around the world.

jungkook live

On this day, Jungkook presented a chicken mukbang while watching Netflix’s entertainment contents.

Jungkook said, “I’m full, but I keep eating”, “Hmm~ It’s delicious”, “I’m cooking these days. It’s no joke.” He then shared a tip on cooking and eating the remaining chicken called “Chicken Mayonnaise Rice”.

During the broadcast, Jungkook entertained fans by showing his lovely dog Jeon Bam’s feed mukbang.

jungkook live

Jungkook’s personal live broadcast “ㅋㅋㅋ”, which lasted for about an hour, surpassed 10 million real-time viewers. This “ㅋㅋㅋ” is the name of the chicken brand’s product, so it is natural that there was an uproar after the mukbang.

After the live broadcast, the chicken brand’s keyword ranked first among real-time most popular search terms in the delivery app service “Baemin”.

baemin popular search

Not only that. On Twitter, keywords related to Jungkook such as “jungkook”, “Jungkook and Bam”, “JUNGKOOK LIVE” and “chicken mukbang” ranked first among worldwide trends and became real-time trends in 88 countries.

At this point, Korea’s fried chicken can go global. On top of that, “Chicken Mayonnaise Rice” is likely to emerge as an idol star of K-Food. Previously, Jungkook proved his great power to change the name of the famous food chain Chipotle to Chicotle.


Meanwhile, on Feb 2nd, Jungkook performed a total of more than 30 songs live through Weverse for 4 hours. This room concert’s number of real-time viewers surpassed 16.3 million and 12.4 million, respectively.

During the live broadcast, Jungkook said “I’m having an all-stop. I feel like doing nothing has become a habit”, but it did not seem like that at all. In other words, he is working hard and making fans happy.

Source: daum

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