This actress appeared in a drama she didn’t want to do but ended up making a breakthrough in her career

“Alchemy of Souls” actress Park Eun-hye used to refuse the casting offer for a role in “Dae Jang Geum”.

Actress Park Eun-hye, who is already in her mid-40s, is still busy participating in various drama and movie projects thanks to her outstanding beauty and amazing acting skills. It was in 2003 when she played the role of Lee Yeon-saeng in the famous MBC historical drama “Dae Jang Geum” that Park Eun-hye gained recognition from the viewers.

“Dae Jang Geum” is considered the biggest turning point in Park Eun-hye’s acting career, and it is precious enough to get called “Park Eun-hye’s savior” by her whole family. In fact, the reason why Park Eun-hye appeared in this work, which was like a gift, happened like her fate as an actress.

Park Eun-hye shared, “When I received the casting offer, I didn’t want to do it because the character doesn’t suit my age back then”, adding “Director Lee Byeong-heon of ‘Dae Jang Geum’ was there at the promised place to meet the work’s director so I delivered my profile to him”.

However, Park Eun-hye ended up starring in the drama she didn’t want to do. The actress said, “After a period of time, I received a love call from director Lee Byeong-heon. Of course, I thought he called me after looking at the profile I gave him at the company, but it turned out that he called me after considering me for the work I hated.”

When Park Eun-hye told Lee Byeong-heon that she had handed over her profile to him, the director was so surprised because he didn’t remember it at all. On the next day, director Lee met Park Eun-hye by accident. He said, “I remember you for sure now”, and Park Eun-hye was cast.

Learning the big lesson that “Good things may happen when you try things you don’t want to do”, Park Eun-hye has been starring in different projects regardless of genres. 

Park Eun-hye is currently starring in tvN’s drama “Alchemy of Souls” as the head of Jinyowon Jin Ho-kyung and continues to play the mother role. She is adding more fun to the story by showing both her charismatic appearance and her passionate acting as a mother.

Source: daum

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