BLACKPINK Rosé suddenly dated and broke up with foreign singer? A questionable PR stunt

Rosé, a member of BLACKPINK, suddenly appeared in a “news report” where she had a relationship with a Hong Kong singer.

On March 30th, the Instagram account of Warner Music Hong Kong suddenly posted a “news report” of BLACKPINK Rosé’s “past relationship” with Hong Kong singer Kaho Hung. In particular, this is a video titled “Kaho Hung – My Secret Park (MV Making Of)”, which is a behind-the-scenes video made in the format of a news report.


Instead of announcing the return of Kaho Hung and providing normal behind-the-scenes footage of the singer, however, the video introduced a fake news report, which claimed that Kaho Hung was in a relationship with BLACKPINK Rosé, but the couple has since broken up.

An “interview” included in the “news report” even shows Kaho Hung revealing the “break-up reason”, saying, “First of all, we do not belong to the same league. In addition, we live in completely different nations. That’s why things have been hard recently.”


On the screen, a caption of “Kaho Hung and Rosé cannot overcome geographical distance. Their separation has become a hot topic”, even flashed up, flabbergasting fans. 

The video “Kaho Hung – My Secret Park (MV Making Of)” include images of Kaho Hung talking about his relationship with Rosé in a press conference 

A footage of him looking solemn at BLACKPINK’s concert was also shown

As if making fake news with Rosé wasn’t enough, NewJeans also made an appearance in Kaho Hung’s video. In particular, the 4th gen girl group was spoken of as if they were the reason behind Kaho Hung and Rosé’s break-up, as Kaho Hung “is only listening to NewJeans nowadays”.

Even NewJeans appeared in Kaho Hung’s PR stunt 

Of course, none of the “news” from Kaho Hung’s video is true, and the singer, who is well-known to be a fan of Rosé, was just using her name to garner attention for his release. 

Seeing this, many netizens find the situation hilarious, but several fans of Rosé expressed dissatisfaction that their idol’s name and image was used by an unrelated party. 


On top of all these, Kaho Hung used an actress with a style similar to Rosé to film his previous MV, “My Secret Park”, and his song’s name was also allegedly based on Rosé. In fact, a teaser image for “My Secret Park”, which showed the back side of the aforementioned actress, bears strong resemblance to Rosé.

The teaser image for Kaho Hung’s “My Secret Park”

Source: Warner Music Hong Kong

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