The idols with surprising background: Jin (BTS) topped the list

The idols below always stand out with more dignity, superior appearance, and natural talent. Therefore, fans are curious to know what kind of background that they have come from. As expected, the parents of these Korean idols are high-ranking officials.

Jin (BTS)

For a long time, people have been suspecting about Jin (BTS) because of his prince-like visual.

According to The Star, Jin‘s father is a very famous CEO with a handsome appearance and Jin‘s family is a wealthy clan in Korea.

In addition, this goddess has been to Australia on the expensive education exchange program and also know how to play golf – the sport which is usually for the upper class.

Recently, fans suddenly discovered that Jin‘s mother was a Miss Korea contestant after interviewing the staff members working with BTS.


Born and raised in Buriram, Thailand, Lisa is 100% Thai. However, Lisa has an adoptive father named Marco Brueschweiler (Swiss).

He is a world-famous chef, food business consultant and expert on Thai cuisine. In addition, he was awarded the Global Master Chef by the World Chefs Association.

Mina (TWICE)

Mina‘s parents are Japanese but she was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA. According to the source, Mina‘s father is an orthopedic professor at a university hospital.

Besides, Mina‘s pictures taken with her parents confirmed her completely natural beauty. Because Mina‘s mother was so beautiful, she was fortunate to inherit most of those gorgeous features.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Back home in Taiwan, Tzuyu was escorted by high ranking officials to attend school, so the fans were so curious about her background. According to the information revealed, Tzuyu came from the upper class.

Tzuyu‘s family owns 9 large dermatology clinics in her hometown. Besides, her mother also opened two cafes which attracted many visitors to visit thanks to Tzuyu‘s popularity.

Tzuyu and the rich mother

Jungyeon (TWICE)

In terms of background, Jeongyeon is probably the most popular member of TWICE. Accordingly, the idol’s dad is the Korean traditional chef, Yoo Chang Joon. Thanks to his talent, he became extremely popular in the food industry and served as the personal chef of former Korean President Kim Dae Jung.

Besides, Jungyeon‘s dad owns a private restaurant located in prime location in Seoul. In addition to his father, Jungyeon‘s mother is also active in the food industry and owns a Japanese restaurant.

Despite their wealthy background and origin, these idols always come up with their own talent. They even go through hard times like anyone else. Therefore, fans admire their will and hard work to climb up in such a tough industry.

Source: Yan

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