Goo Hara bursted into tears at her first official public appearance after the scandal

Goo Hara, a singer who suffered from revenge pornography, shed tears at her first official appearance.

Goo Hara – ex-member of KARA – shed tears in front of fans gathered at her solo fan meeting in Kanagawa, Japan” reported the Japanese entertainment media Oricon on the 24th.

 According to the news, Goo Hara stood on the stage of the fan meeting, after greeted the fans with a “Long time no see”, she opened and started to read her letter. The letter said, “This year, there have been many things from joy to sorrow. I thought it was over for me, but there were fans who encouraged me even in this situation. I really wanted to express my gratitude.”

While reading the letter, Hara burst into tears. “I’m sorry to have troubled you,” she told fans. “And thank you. We still have things left to solve, but I will try harder for my fans who have been waiting for me.” Not only that, but also at the end of the fan meeting, Goo Hara said that she would actively work in both Korea and Japan, and was applauded for her willingness to return.

Earlier, Goo Hara was questioned by police last September on charges of assaulting her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong-beom. The incident, which started from the assault case, drew public attention as Goo Hara further accused Jong-beom of violation of the law on force, intimidation, and sexual crimes, saying that he had sent and threatened her with “revenge pornography”

A police investigation found that on Choi Jong-beom‘s mobile phone there were pictures that are “of a level of sexual humiliation” that Goo Hara had not known. As a result, the final offender received five charges, including injury, threats, coercion, sexual violence, and property damage. Goo Hara was sent to the prosecution on suspicion of injury.

Source: Nate

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