This actor defeated Kim Hye Soo and Park Ji Hyun to take 1st place in “Top 10 Most Popular Drama Casts” 

The rankings for “K-drama TV Topic Survey List” for both casts and buzzworthy dramas in the 1st week of December was announced. 

On December 8th, data analysis company Good Data Corporation released their ranking for “K-drama TV Topic Survey List”. The list is compiled based on the results of netizens searching for TV programs, performers, and related issues on Korean portal sites.

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According to the announcement, actor Song Joong Ki rose to the top of “Top 10 Most Popular Drama Casts” thanks to his appearance in the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich”, securing such a position for 3 weeks in a row. Following Song Joong Ki, Kim Hye Soo came in 2nd with tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th place belong to Lee Sung Min (JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”), Oh Ye Joo (tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”), and Park Ji Hyun (JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”), respectively. 

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Song Joong Ki’s comeback drama, JTBC’s Friday-Saturday fantasy drama “Reborn Rich” follows Yoon Hyun Woo, a secretary who manages the risk of the chaebol family of Sunyang Group. He is unjustly murdered and reincarnates as Jin Do Joon, the youngest son of the chaebol family. It is broadcast every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM KST.

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In episode 8, which aired on December 4th, the wedding of Jin Do Joon’s cousin Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam Hee) and Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun) is held. Originally, Sunyang Group Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) was going to certify Jin Sung Joon as his successor. However, after hearing the news that the DMC business rights were taken away by Miracle, of which Jin Do Joon is the majority shareholder, Chairman Jin cancels his original plan and demotes Jin Sung Joon.

“Reborn Rich” is continuing its popularity by breaking its own highest rating of 19.449% (according to Nielsen Korea) in episode 8.

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On the other hand, in “Top 10 most buzzworthy TV Dramas”, JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” ranked first, tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” ranked second, SBS’s “Cheer Up” ranked third, SBS’s “The First Responders” ranked fourth, and tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls Part 2” ranked fifth.

Source: wikitree

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