These female idols scored by the gallant action for their colleagues

The award-winning artists at MAMA 2018 proved that they are not only talented but also well-behaved.

Sun Mi made room for V (BTS)

At the MAMA awards ceremony in Hong Kong, Sun Mi scored with the gallant action with V (BTS). After the Big Hit group won the award, V could not sit down with the rest of the band, so he had to sit alone. Sun Mi and Chung Ha took the initiative to make the place for him and suggested changes so the singer can sit down and talk to the group members. V and the members of BTS were surprised at the actress’s actions and they quickly thanked Sun Mi.

This fan cam recorded over one million views on Twitter. Army constantly praised Sun Mi’s kindness. The star is famous for her cool vibe on the stage. Thanks to a small act at the MAMA Awards, the singer also proved her good nature of always caring for everyone.

Mina went to get a pillow to cover Momo’s short skirt (Twice)

Momo wore a rather short dress to attend the MAMA ceremony in Hong Kong. While sitting, the Twice member felt uncomfortable, always use her hand to shield and avoid any wardrobe malfunction. Mina sat next to her and she stood up, running to find a pillow to help her sister. The act of the singer made Momo extremely surprised.

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Mina wore pants so she does not get uncomfortable. Whenever she got back to her seat, she always looked around, helping Chae Young and Momo get their pillows to cover the short skirts. The Japanese star receives many compliments for her thoughtful, subtle action.

Moon Byul defended Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

On the stage of MAMA Japan 2018, Hwasa became the focus of attention because the costumes were considered as too short and look like a swimwear. MAMAMOO member received many praises from international fans but in Korean netizens’ eyes, the singer wore offensive outfits. On December 17, Moon Byul and Solar held a live stream to protect their youngest and rejected vulgar comments about Hwasa.

Moon Byul responds to the negative comments: “I really can not understand the bad comments, really, live and say nice words, you should not hurt other people. We are not holy, so we have no right to curse others. We should respect each other’s differences. “

MAMAMOO is constantly criticized for being ugly and Moon Byul has said, “Please show me your face.” The rapper also suggested that the name and address of the commenter be posted online so that no one would leave vulgar comments.

Moon Byul’s energetic, willing response to the anti-fan was praised by fans. They call the singer a big sister and a girl crush in Kpop.

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