“Little Women” Wi Ha-joon: “Every moment I spent as Choi Do-il was happy”

Actor Wi Ha-joon expressed his feelings after the end of “Little Women.”

In the cable channel tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women,” Wi Ha-joon saved Oh In-joo from a life-threatening struggle caused by Won Sang-ah and her subordinates, who tried to kill Oh In-joo. He left a strong presence with his performance of someone protecting 70 billion won.

Wi Ha-joon little women

Choi Do-il made the audience feel excited and nervous about his relationship with In-joo due to his mysterious presence that floated between faith and distrust in the series. He became the perfect guardian of In-joo until the end with his charismatic and melodramatic acting, making the audience falling in love with him.

In particular, Choi Do-il’s desperate love and affection for Oh In-ju was revealed in the scene where he returned 70 billion won in slush funds to Panama’s Won Sang-ah Paper Company and submitted it as evidence at the court to change the course of the trial.

The scene where he blocked Su-im and her subordinates with his whole body, risking a knife attack to save In-kyung and Hwa-young who were kidnapped by Su-im in the 12th episode, showed how he could perfectly digest the tense action sequence, drawing admiration and exclamation.

Wi Ha-joon little women

Wi Ha-joon, who clearly imprinted his presence with his deeper acting skills and became a new melodramatic male god with heart-throbbing romance in addition to his charms, expressed his affectionate feelings after the end of “Little Women”.

– There are many fans who fell in love with Choi Do-il’s charm. Which scene do you like the most?

It’s the scene where Do-il saves In-ju from Won Sang-ah in Singapore. I think it’s the first scene to reveal Do-il’s sincerity to those who have been wondering whether Do-il is good or bad and how he thinks of In-ju.

– What does “Little Women” mean to actor Wi Ha-joon?

I can’t define it in a word, but the word “real appreciation” comes to my mind the most. Every moment I spent as Choi Do-il was good, and the set was so fun and happy. I think it will remain forever in my head as a work full of gratitude to everyone who created the character Choi Do-il nicely and made it possible for me to play Choi Do-il.

– Please say something to the viewers who love “Little Women”.

Thank you so much for loving “Little Women”. Above all, I was so happy that you loved Choi Do-il, whom I played. I always feel this way, but it was a time when I made up my mind that I should show you a better performance. I’ll work harder to show you more mature and newer sides in the future.

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