Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho reveals the unexpected reaction of Lee Seung Gi when receiving 5.4 billion won from Hook

The reaction of actor-singer Lee Seung Gi to Hook Entertainment (Hook)’s decision has been reported.

On December 16th, Lee Jin Ho uploaded a new video titled “After HOOK deposited 5.4 billion won… Lee Seung Gi’s spine-chilling reaction” on his Youtube channel.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho explained, Hook officially apologized to Lee Seung Gi. They settled the amount they couldn’t pay him back then”, adding “Reviewing the data, the amount of unpaid settlement was 2.9 billion won, and adding 1.2 billion won worth of delayed interest, Hook deposited a total of 5.4 billion won. However, it is known that Lee Seung Gi continued the lawsuit because the amount he wanted was larger.”

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He continued, “From Lee Seung Gi’s point of view, Hook had to tell him the criteria for their settlement calculation. Since they didn’t reveal that detail, it is hard for Lee Seung Gi to accept the number. The profit ratio in Lee Seung Gi and Hook’s contract was 7:3”, adding “Even if the amount of loss was excluded, Lee Seung Gi should have received more than 10 billion won”.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Many people thought Lee Seung Gi raised the issue because of money. However, Lee Seung Gi already clarified his position through SNS today”, adding “He released his official position on SNS, rejecting Hook’s position and sincerely expressing his intention because so many people misunderstood him”.

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Shortly after Hook’s settlement announcement was reported, Lee Seung Gi said he would donate the entire amount of unpaid settlement he received. Lee Jin Ho said, “I think Lee Seung Gi reviewed the content carefully. As far as I know, Lee Seung Gi was really calm when he saw Hook’s position”, adding, “Lee Seung Gi initiated the legal battle for the 18 years he lost, not because of money. Both side reportedly did not meet even once during the consultation process”.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi and Hook are in a conflict over music revenue settlement. Lee Seung Gi released 137 songs after his debut in 2004 but didn’t get paid any penny. Therefore, he sent a content certification demanding an answer from Hook through his legal representative.

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On December 16th, Hook apologized to Lee Seung Gi and sent him 5.4 billion won in unpaid settlements. Still, Lee Seung Gi revealed his intention to donate all the money because it was a one-sided calculation from Hook without consultation with his side. 

While silently fighting against Hook, Lee Seung Gi is still filming the movie “Large Family” and is expected to appear as an MC for JTBC’s idol audition program “Peak Time” early next year. 

Source: wikitree

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