Former VIXX member Hongbin angered at suspicion of him being a “drug idol”, “Reporters are trash” 

After leaving VIXX, Hongbin, who has been active as a BJ, denied it when he was called an idol using drugs.

On November 4th, former VIXX member Hongbin shared a video with the caption, “Today is a holiday” through his Twitch channel.

In the video, Hongbin criticized and explained the suspicion around him, saying, “I became popular today because of the garbage articles. Reporters are trash. I can speak confidently. I am a victim. I broadcast an average of eleven hours a day, so why and when would I be doing (drugs)?”

Hongbin VIXX

Hongbin poured out his anger at the fact that some people called him a “drug idol”, saying, “Who would use drugs and then receive physical therapy?”

Earlier on the same day, it was reported that a man in his 20s from an idol group was arrested by the police on charges of using methamphetamine.

According to the Nowon Police Station in Seoul on November 4th, the police arrested a man in his 20s, a member of a former idol group, on charges of violating the law on drug control act. The police arrested A at his home in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

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A debuted as an idol group in 2012, but it is known that he stopped his singing career after the disbandment of his group. 

The police said that they will consider applying for an arrest warrant after conducting further investigations on A.

As the news spread, some speculated that A was former VIXX’s Hongbin, judging from the fact that he debuted in 2012 and went from being an idol to a BJ.

Hongbin VIXX

But this turned out to be untrue. Also, a large agency’s male idol surnamed Lee was also recently suspected of using drugs. But it was not Hongbin either.

Previously, Hongbin withdrew from VIXX in August 2020.  At that time, Jellyfish Entertainment, the agency of VIXX, said, “Hongbin has expressed his intention to leave. After careful discussions with VIXX members and Hongbin, we decided on his departure in respect of his opinion.”

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