“A crush almost happened,” 30 spectators fainted after the fence collapsed at NCT 127’s concert

NCT 127’s concert was suspended due to a dizzying accident.

Organizers should pay special attention to the safety measures at idol concerts, which are always crowded. In fact, if you search for idol concert reviews, there are always fans who faint. This is because they have to endure a crowded space where tens of thousands of people gathered for a long period of time.

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On Nov 4th, a dizzying situation has happened in which fans fainted at a concert hall. Local media, including CNN in Indonesia, reported that more than 30 spectators fainted at the concert of a famous Korean male idol group. Eventually, the concert was suspended with six songs left. This situation reportedly occurred at the Jakarta concert in Indonesia of NCT 127, who is very popular with domestic and foreign fans.

nct 127 jakarta concert

During the concert, NCT 127 members had some time to communicate with fans by handing out balls with the members’ autographs. Leader Tae Yong then stopped singing after seeing fans pushing each other to see NCT 127 closely. Do Young said, “Safety is the most important thing. Let’s promise not to push,” he said in worries. Nevertheless, the fence collapsed due to people who continued to push from behind, and more than 30 people were reported to have fainted and been transferred to a medical institution.

nct 127 jakarta concert

In this regard, the Indonesian local promoter Dyandra Global Edutainment, who was in charge of planning the concert, apologized after explaining the situation on its official SNS.

The promoter said, “An unforseen circumstances happened at the end of the show. Concert attendances on the standing section appeared to go unorganized, which resulted in chaos and eventually led to the halt of the show for the sake of their safety.”

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Fortunately, no major injuries were confirmed, but the promoter bowed its head, saying it apologized for the lack of smooth progress at the concert.

NCT 127 will perform at the same venue today (Nov 5th). The promoter announced its plan to add more safety personnel as well as medical staff. In addition, the promoters announced that they will continue to cooperate with the police and are trying to prevent another mishap at the concert.


NCT 127’s leader Tae Yong said through the paid communication app “Bubble,” “I pray that no one is hurt. There are many people who came here to make happy memories with us, but I’m sorry that we’ve only made bad memories for you,” he said, expressing his apology.

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Domestic fans who saw the incident expressed their concerns, saying, “Maybe it’s because of the recent Itaewon crush accident, but I’m heartbroken to hear this news,” “After the bomb threat, now the concert is suspended too?” “It’s going to be difficult for both fans and the members,” and “Another terrible crush accident almost happened.”

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Meanwhile, before the concert began, NCT 127 suffered a bomb attack threat. At that time, NCT 127 received a handwritten letter stating that there was a bomb threat near the concert hall ahead of the concert. Police searched the venue and surroundings thoroughly and found no specific details, including the mentioned explosives. After confirming the safety, the police decided to proceed with the concert with the organizers. However, officers were deployed around the concert hall in case of an emergency.

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According to testimony from local fans, the show time was delayed due to the bomb threat. As a result, it is estimated that the incident occurred due to dehydration and pushing by some fans.

Source: insight

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