Fans are angry after an American media source reviewed TWICE’s concert as a “big fluffy flop”

A local news source recently uploaded many negative comments about TWICE’s newest concert in the U.S.

TWICE’s latest venue for their world tour “TWICELIGHTS” was in Newark (the U.S). As usual, the girl brought the best performances to their fans. However, their effort wasn’t appreciated by a local news source. An article on NJ.com titled “K-pop sensation TWICE was a big fluffy flop at 1st N.J. concert: review” immediately becomes the center of attention and debate after the writer of this article heavily criticized the 9 girls from JYP Entertainment.

An American news source wrote an article to criticize TWICE’s concert

Throughout the article, the writer constantly mentioned that TWICE’s success was undeserving and their popularity in the U.S is “oversized”. TWICE is also said to be untalented and “light on passion, or any exceeding talent that would warrant 2.5 billion views on YouTube”.

This person continued by saying that only 3 members could hold a tune without the help of the back track: “As the deafening set rolled on, it became apparent that only two or three of women — the group’s most outgoing member, Nayeon; the group’s official “leader” and consummate belter, Jihyo; and sometimes Jeongyeon — could actually hold a tune when not supported by the backing track that blared from the PA. The rest of the group just passively lip-synced along, rarely given a solo.

However, many details in these articles clash with each other. At some parts, the writer described TWICE as “animatronic” who were passive and lacked showmanship, while admitted that the girls have tried their best to interact with the audience at some other parts of his article: “The women all spoke through an interpreter, who tried to keep up as they lightly joked with each other, urged the crowd to scream and incessantly asked if the audience liked the song they just sang. Yes, ladies, the building is literally shaking with shrieks. You’re fine.”

Fans are angry after an American media source reviewed TWICE’s concert as a “big fluffy flop”
Jihyo broke into tears during her ment because she missed Mina – the absent member due to health problems.

This man’s criticism towards TWICE even tried to stereotype every Korean woman by saying that they are “being naturally more reserved” – an old stereotype maintains by the Western media.

With such negative opinions about TWICE, this article is currently a debatable topic among K-Pop fan community. Many agree that this article has disrespected TWICE and discredited their effort.

After their show in Newark, TWICE will continue their world tour in Chicago on July 23rd. Even though they were criticized negatively, many other prestigious media sources in the U.S (including Billboard) have complimented TWICE. Not just that, fans who were presented at TWICE’s Newark concert all agree that the girls have brought an awesome night which is unforgettable to them.

Source: k14

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