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“‘Transit Love 2’ opened up a new path for me”… The reason why a former JYP idol, who was about to retire, resumed his activities

“Transit Love 2” ended with the birth of a total of 3 couples.

transit love 2

On TVING’s “Transit Love 2”, which aired on Oct 28th, Hae-eun – Hyun-gyu, Na-yeon – Hee-doo and Na-eon – Tae-yi chose each other to become official couples.

At the end of the broadcast, the official couples’ Jeju Island date was revealed, stimulating viewers’ excitement.

transit love 2

With season 2’s happy ending following season 1, MCs expressed their thoughts, “I learned a lot” and “Thank you to the participants who made me feel sincerity.”

MC BamBam, who joined the show late, drew attention by revealing his very candid feelings again this time. He confessed coolly, “I gained a lot through ‘Transit Love 2’. I really gained a lot of recognition.”

transit love 2 bam bam

Lee Yong-jin said, “You’re not even a rookie. What’s the matter with you?” Simon Dominic also laughed, saying, “Don’t you have over 10 million followers?”

BamBam recalled his past of contemplating retirement, “I was originally going to retire after the termination of my contract with JYP. I was going to go back to Thailand.”

transit love 2 bam bam

He added, “Since I debuted in Korea, I really wanted to succeed in Korea. ‘Transit Love’ opened up a new path for me.”

During the past time, BamBam gave viewers big laughs by showing all the emotions he felt while watching “Transit Love 2” without pretension.

transit love 2 bam bam

For example, when the participants took “life-four-cuts”, BamBam doubted “Is this PPL?” with a serious look on his face.

transit love 2

When BamBam saw Kyu-min receive text messages from several women, he said, “It’s a happy concern, though. It’s better than Tae-yi.” In the case of Tae-yi, he did not gain popularity at the beginning of the show, so there were not many opportunities for him to go out on a date.

transit love 2 bam bam

Simon Dominic, who always laughed at BamBam’s witty remarks, praised, “I learned a lot about BamBam’s charms. He’s like a treasure.”

Finally, BamBam expressed his gratitude, “I think I have a little courage in my future activities in Korea through ‘Transit Love’.”


Meanwhile, GOT7, to which BamBam belongs, debuted with their first mini-album “Got it?” in January 2014. Their exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment was terminated in January last year, and they dispersed to different agencies.

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