Lee Seung Gi, “I’ll donate 5 billion won of unpaid settlement I received from Hook. I didn’t initiate this lawsuit against Hook because of money”

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi donated the entire amount of money he received from Hook Entertainment.

On December 16th, Lee Seung Gi made a post on his SNS account, releasing his position for the first time since the controversy related to Hook Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “Hook”) broke out. He said, “I’m greeting you after a long time. Hello. This is Lee Seung Gi”, adding “Honestly, I was not well enough to greet you guys. I was angry due to betrayal and frustrated due to disappointment. I felt resentful one day and kept on blaming myself the other day”.

He continued, “I received a text message notifying me that 5 billion won had been deposited into my bank account this morning. Hook probably thinks I took legal action just to get the money. I have never received any of such typical settlements for my music revenue before… Also, they are trying to unilaterally wrap the case under the pretext of ‘accrued payments’.”

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Lee Seung Gi, who has endured 18 years of being called a ‘minus singer’ by CEO Kwon Jin Young, said, “Until now, I had been living without knowing that there were profits from my music releases for me to receive”, adding “The reason I filed the lawsuit against Hook is not because of the unpaid settlements. To let people know that the value of someone’s sweat from hard work should not be unfairly used by some other’s greed. I believed that this is the best mission I can do.”

He added, “I’ve received 5 billion won. Of course, I don’t know on what basis and in which way they calculated that amount. However, I don’t understand Hook’s calculation method, so I think I will continue the legal battle in the future. It will be a really tough fight, and I would like to apologize to the public who are watching this case first that I’m sorry for causing fatigue to you”, asking the public to understand that his conflict with Hook would continue.

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Lee Seung Gi said, “What I can promise you is that I will donate the whole amount of unpaid settlements I receive, no matter how much it will be. Starting from the 5 billion won I received today, the rest will be delivered back to society in full amount after paying litigation expenses. This is not what I just thought of in a day. The moment I decided to fight against Hook, I already decided to spend all the money I would get on helping advantageous people and those in need.”

He shared, “The 5 billion won I received today is a really big and valuable amount of money to me. It contains my sweat during my teens, 20s and 30s… But if I could send this money to people who are suffering more difficulties, the happiness and value I get in return would be even more than that of 5 billion won”.

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Lastly, he said, “And above all, a lot of people have supported me to get through this. You enraged with me and comforted me, and that gave me so much strength. Once again, thank you for making me feel that I am loved. I will repay you all by returning that love to society“, adding “I hope everyone spends the time at the end of this year warmly. I will continue to walk my way faithfully as I have always done.”

Source: Nate

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