BTS V won no.1 on “The Most Sensible INFP Idol” with his emotionally sensitive personality

BTS V topped the list of “The Most Sensible INFP idols.”


V ranked first in the survey, “Who is the most sensible INFP idol?” held on Exciting Dish from February 20th to February 26th.

V stood tall as the representative of INFP idols, receiving an overwhelming 79.83% of the vote.

As for V‘s charm, “sensible personality” was the highest at 90%, followed by “romantic” at 6%.

V‘s rich sensibility and sweet personality stands out not only in his own songs and photos, but also in his facial expressions and actions.


In V‘s self-composed song “Scenery,” the sound of stepping on winter snow, the sound of breathing breath, the sound of a camera clicking, and the sound of a film turning were inserted to fully capture the landscape, as well as to express his sensitivity in various ways through poetic lyrics.

Instructor Lee Sang-hwa, a manner expert, praised V in a YouTube video titled “I really like V’s sensitivity and expression,” saying, “V’s emotional expression and attitude toward his fans in the audience on the concert stage show his attitude to express his mind as a person, not as a world-class artist.”

Last year, V shared a photo of his MBTI test on Weverse, saying his personality type recently changed from “ENFP” to “INFP”. As soon as V‘s post was uploaded, the MBTI website was flooded with access due to global fans, and the server finally went down.


An official from the Korean Site Research Institute said in an interview, “There was a day when the MBTI test website was down, and the reason is very interesting. After V revealed to the fan community that his personality type changed from ENFP to INFP, the website’s server went down due to global fans who heard the news,” he said, emphasizing V‘s global popularity.

V‘s INFP type is a romantic type with a friendly and altruistic personality.

The people from this type empathize well with others, are sensitive, caring, and feel happy even with small things. INFP has a natural type of artistic sense in which many thoughts always come and go in their head. INFP is known to be suitable for careers such as artists, composers, producers, and poets.

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