Maternal love of a former iljin for her daughter… A scene in The Glory goes viral

In Netflix’s ‘The Glory’, the scene where Park Yeon-jin (played by Lim Ji-yeon) reveals maternal love for her daughter Ye-sol (played by Oh Ji-yul) is becoming a hot topic.

Fans who fell in love with ‘The Glory‘ are ‘over-immersed’ by replaying a scene several times. In particular, the scene where Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon), who used to harass Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) and others when she was in high school, terribly cares for her daughter Ha Ye-sol (Oh Ji-yul), is highly talked about among listeners.

the glory

In the drama, Park Yeon-jin and her husband Ha Do-yeong (Jeong Seong-il) live in a detached house in Semyeong City with their daughter Ye-sol.

Ha Do-young said, “It’s worth spending money,” but showed a ‘sweet’ side of being worried about his wife, saying, “Is it okay to go to work? It is 2-hour round trip Seoul.”

the glory

Park Yeon-jin said, “It keeps me fit, it’s so good. You said that you hate women who stop taking care of themselves after getting married. Wake up at 2 o’clock, jump rope on an empty stomach, and leave at 3 o’clock. Well, then I think it’ll be okey,” she replied.

After listening to her, Ha Do-young said, “Why is it dawn? Has the news changed?” Park Yeon-jin, a news weathercaster, was puzzled by the change in work hours.

the glory

Park Yeon-jin said in a charming voice, “I was pushed back because of my age. So, oppa, can’t you put some advertisements on me? I’ll push for capitalism when I renew my contract.” Park Yeon-jin asked Ha Do-young, CEO of Jaepyong Construction, to put an advertisement before and after the news starts.

Ha Do-young said, “You should have told me that before. Why would you hurt your pride? The problem that money can solve is the easiest problem in the world,” he said.

After getting the answer she wanted from her husband, Park Yeon-jin put a cigarette in her mouth.

the glory

While Park Yeon-jin smoked and continued the conversation with her husband, Ye-sol, who had returned from kindergarten, appeared.

As soon as Ha Do-young saw her daughter, she said, “Ha Ye-sol. What do you do first when you get home?”

Ye-sol ran to wash her hands, saying, “Wash my hands.” In the meantime, Park Yeon-jin showed great reflexes and hurriedly rubbed off her cigarette and shook her arms in the air to clean up the smoke.

the glory

While Ye-sol went to wash her hands, Park Yeon-jin said, “Oh my gosh. Did you just see it, my maternal instinct?” she smiled brightly.

Ha Do-young asked, “What does Yeon-jin do first after she smokes?” Park Yeon-jin said, “You’re cute,” and hugged him tightly.

When Park Yeon-jin, a former Iljin in the drama, showed motherly love, many viewers responded, “Even if she was an Iljin, she must care for her daughter the same,” and “I’m goosebumps because she acted so well.”

Source: Insight

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