Lee Hyo Ri calls herself “old NewJeans” when being praised for her NewJeans-style look (“Canada Check-in”)

Lee Hyo Ri evaluated herself as “old NewJeans” on a recent broadcast.

The new episode of tvN’s “Canada Check-in”, which aired on January 7th, showed Lee Hyo Ri visiting a Canadian surfing shop. 

On the broadcast, Lee Hyo Ri went to meet the dogs sent to Canada for adoption. During the one hour between the appointments with new adoptive families, Lee Hyo Ri was seen enjoying visa camping, shopping, and surfing.

lee hyori

Lee Hyo Ri went to a laundromat and bought something before going surfing. She tried on a purple T-shirt. 

While watching a video with her acquaintance, Lee Hyo Ri asked, “I bought that. Purple? It’s cute, right?”. The acquaintance responded, “You’ll be on the next issue of BAZAAR”, drawing laughter with her realistic answer. 

lee hyori

Lee Hyo Ri said, “I love it”, showing her satisfaction with the purple T-shirt. She added, “They have clothes with my style here. This store is perfect”, giving favorable reviews for surfing products at the surfing shop. 

Seeing Lee Hyo Ri wear a hat, her acquaintance complimented, “You’ve become NewJeans”. In a previous broadcast, Lee Hyo Ri revealed that she is a fan of NewJeans and even followed NewJeans style by adding hair extensions. In response, Lee Hyo Ri coldly commented, “I’m old NewJeans”.

Source: Nate

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