Son Ye Jin met Shin Bong Sun before giving birth?… “Same hair and makeup shop, sit side by side”

Comedian Shin Bong Sun showed off her hair and makeup shop, where she met Son Ye Jin.

On December 1st, Shin Bong Sun uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel.

son ye jin instagram brunch

On this day, Shin Bong Sun challenged the “happiness of 10,000 won” challenge, which means that you can live on 10,000 won a week. Prior to this, Shin Bong Sun showed herself taking candies that passed the expiration date, cutting and squeezing hand cream tubes, as well as taking the remaining soju during filming.

Against the task of spending only 10,000 won in a week, Shin Bong Sun showed confidence, saying, “Honestly, of course I can’t spend 10,000 won sparingly. I don’t even buy coffee. Now, the makeup shop is a great coffee shop as well. I think I can do this.”

Afterwards, she visited a hair and makeup shop and said, “I’ll have a cup of coffee.”

At the same time, the comedian also drew attention by mentioning the name of Son Ye Jin, who recently gave birth. “There are many celebrities, including Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Jung, who came here. I sit in that chair, side by side with those actresses.”

Source: Nate

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