“Good Job” Leading Couple: Jung Il Woo once experienced major accident while Kwon Yuri’s personal life is often scrutinized  

The leading pair in “Good Job” have faced no less hardship in their course of careers. 

New legal drama “Good Job” is the next in line following ENA’s superhit “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. “Good Job” marks the reunion of Jung Il Woo and Yuri (SNSD) after their pairing in “Bossam: Steal the Fate”.

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Specifically, the drama is a mystery, fantasy romance story of an investigation carried out by an unlikely duo, a chaebol heir leading a double life as a detective Eun Sun Woo (Jung Il Woo) and a woman with supervision Don Se Ra (Yuri). The characters in the series have had several seriously comedic moments that make fans burst out laughing. However, in real life, the actor and actress have come across much hardship and faced false rumors.

Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo

Born in 1987, Jung Il Woo is a popular actor and model in the Korean entertainment industry. His fame spread across Asia with the hit sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof” season 1. Jung Il Woo owns a captivating look that appeals to the “bad boy” image, partly thanks to his impressive height. This look on him is, for the most part, why the actor is often cast for the chaebol role, who lives in wealth and likes to play. 

In real life, Jung Il Woo is the son of the former television news anchorman Jung Hae Hoon. Before dipping into the entertainment scene, the actor once intended to follow his father’s footsteps and enrolled in Broadcasting Arts at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. However, the actor soon discovered his love for acting not long after that, bringing him to the Department of Theater and Film in Hanyang University. 

Jung Il Woo

After his success with the sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof” season 1, Jung Il Woo was on an elevator to fame. Offers to play in television shows and movie production poured in. The actor’s reputation, at the time, was even higher than that of Lee Min Ho.

Jung Il Woo was thought to be on a straight line to success. Unfortunately, a serious car accident in 2006 halted his up and coming career. He was under treatment for half a year with a broken wrist, cracked left pelvis bone, brain hemorrhage and slight memory loss. 

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After recovering, Jung Il Woo had to deal with the resultant aneurysm following the accident in 2016. The condition was critical as he was more likely to fall in a coma or suffer from a stroke at any moment. He was also more prone to other complications that could affect his cerebral arteries. 

Upon learning of his conditions, Jung Il Woo broke down and it took him a long while to be on his feet again. The actor also lied low for treatment and recovery from this complication. 

Jung Il Woo

When Jung Il Woo served in the military, he was still treating his condition. Because of his health status, the actor was exempted from compulsory military enlistment. Nonetheless, the actor was still determined to perform his duty as a citizen. In 2018, Jung Il Woo was discharged and immediately returned to his acting career. In 2021, Jung Il Woo made another hit with the period drama “Bossam: Steal the Fate”. 

Kwon Yuri

Born in 1989, Kwon Yuri stepped into the Korean industry as a member of female idol group Girls’ Generation. After a period working as an idol, she made an attempt with acting and has played in a total of 1 movie and 7 television dramas. 


Apart from her singing and acting careers, Kwon Yuri’s personal life is also at the forefront of attention, most famously known of the rumors of her gay relationship with Son Ye Jin and Han Ye Seul. Specifically, in 2013, the internet was dotted with rumors of her relationship with Son Ye Jin and Han Ye Seul. An anonymous source said that two famous actresses under A and B had feelings towards an artist called F. A participated in a party with F and helped F enlarge F’s social circle. Meanwhile, B frequently called F to B’s private house or shared intimate moments in cars. With the revealed information, netizens deduced the three characters to be Son Ye Jin, Han Ye Seul and Kwon Yuri. 

The scandal was dug up once again in 2018 when Kwon Yuri was spotted wearing similar outfits to Son Ye Jin. Not only that, their posted photos were considerably close to each other. 

Confronted by the rumors, the involved figures kept their silence and withheld from speaking up. Several years later, only when Son Ye Jin and Han Ye Seul have their own spouses do netizens realize past rumors were just a product of imagination. 

oh seung hwan kwon yuri
Kwon Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan broke up after half a year together. 

In May 2015, Yuri was sighted in a secret dating with baseball player Oh Seung Hwan, with a 7-year age gap. However, only 6 months after, the couple broke up, with the aged-old reason, busy schedule and no time to be with each other. 

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