P Nation finally delivered good news after suffering continuous bad events, such as the leaving of Jessi & Hyuna

Psy’s agency P Nation, which has recently suffered unfavorable issues, announced good news to fans.

On September 7th, P Nation announced the news of singer Crush’s comeback on their official SNS account.

The released photo shows Crush’s side profile along with the phrase “Crush is sharing his comeback schedule”. In addition, a photo of his pet dog was also seen in the background.


This is Crush’s first comeback in two years after the release of his album “With HER” in October 2020. 

This comeback is also drawing keen attention as it marks Crush’s first music activity since he got discharged from the military in August. 

In addition, Crush’s comeback is expected to be an important event for his agency P Nation, which recently suffered unfavorable issues.

Crush comeback 2022

Earlier, P Nation was raided by the Gangwon brand of the Ministry of Employment and Labor on August 25th due to the incident that occurred during the demolition of “Soak Show” in July. At that time, the Ministry of Employment and Labor said, “This is to confirm the contractual relationship between the concert production agency and the stage installer at the time of the accident, and whether there were instructions on implementing safety measures related to stage installation.”

jessi hyuna

In addition, P Nation has also been rumored to be in a crisis as Jessi, Hyun-ah and Dawn, who were the representative artists of the agency, did not renew their contracts.

Meanwhile, P Nation is currently managing Psy, Crush, Heize, PENOMECO, Swings, and TNX. 

Source: Wikitree

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