A celebrity who got teased for 10 years because of a photo taken at the airport

Girls’ Generation Yuri said she wanted to explain the truth about a photo taken at the airport in the past. What happened?

This is a photo taken by a media outlet. In the photo, she was holding her phone and making a phone call while departing for a concert in Taiwan.

But the title is a bit drastic(?): Girls’ Generation Yuri, I have to pretend I’m a little busy”.

snsd yuri

The reason why this picture became a famous meme is that the main screen popped out. It is a situation where you can feel a subtle tackle from the title.

After 10 years, Yuri got an opportunity to explain in an interview. Yuri said, “I’ve been dying to explain this to you. I’ve been teased since 2011, and it’s still ongoing. I have so much to say about this.”

She quickly explained the reason.

Yuri confessed, “After my phone call was done, I should have put it down. However, I was so thrown off by the sudden rush of people that I forgot about the phone and went on like this. And that photo was taken. I wasn’t pretending as if I was taking a call. I swear.”

Yuri laughed as she said, “Looking at the photo now, it still looks funny. I didn’t know if someone took a video of me or not”, adding “I don’t know if anyone knows how I feel”.

snsd yuri

As Girls’ Generation recently carried out various activities as a whole group to meet fans after releasing “FOREVER 1 – The 7th Album”, some past events have been recalled one after another.

the zone

Meanwhile, Kwon Yuri is recently busy with entertainment shows and dramas. She is gaining popularity with her appearance in Disney+’s new original entertainment program “The Zone: Survival Mission” and drama “Good Job”.

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