BTS to release “Take Two” as a gift for fans in celebration of 10th debut anniversary 

BTS is releasing a song to commemorate their 10th debut anniversary. 

At 1 p.m. on June 9th (KST), BTS plans to simultaneously release its new song “Take Two” worldwide through multiple platforms.

bts take two

The new song will be released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS’s debut. The song is a gift to their fandom, ARMY. 

As its name suggests, “Take Two” refers to the second path BTS will take on. Through the song, the BigHit boy group wants to express their deepest gratitude to fans who have spent every moment with them so far and promise to continue to be with fans in the future.


This song is produced by Suga, and co-written by RM and J-Hope.

In addition, this song was recorded by BTS members Jin and J-Hope before their respective enlistment in the military. Therefore, the song is meaningful to fans as it contains all seven voices of BTS.

“Take Two” is said to be a perfect combination of BTS’s sweet vocals, delicate rap, and cozy acoustic sounds.


Earlier, BTS posted different teaser images for each member, stating that each of them is “a piece of ‘Take Two’”, building anticipation for the song’s release. 

This is the first music release by BTS as a group since the anthology album “Proof” and its title track “Yet To Come” came out last year. 

Source: Insight 

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