You will be shocked once you know who this woman in the sky blue T-shirt is

A female celebrity is drawing attention after she released a photo of her childhood in the past.

Comedian Lee Kook-joo released a photo of her childhood to commemorate Children’s Day on May 5th. She said, “I look like a mother because of my younger brother…The one in blue is me when I was 12 years old. Not my mom. That’s me…” under the photo.


The photo shows the 12-year-old girl Lee Kook-joo posing next to her baby brother and looking straight at the camera. Lee Kook-joo received the attention for her exceptionally mature look.


Actress Lee Si-eon and comedian Kim Won-hyo, who are her colleagues in the entertainment industry, also added laughter by posting comments such as, “What…Weren’t you 22 years old in this photo?”, “Isn’t that an adult? ^^”


Meanwhile, Lee Kook-joo is currently appearing on tvN’s entertainment show “Comedy Big League.”

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