BLACKPINK was accused of copying aespa’s AI concept, but the truth may be different 

Ever since their debut, aespa has been constantly compared to BLACKPINK for having the same number of members, but the situation has reversed with a new MV.

The media has always been comparing aespa with their senior BLACKPINK, citing the similar 4-member line up and the strong “girlcrush” concept that both groups pursue. Meanwhile, many netizens also feel the same, pointing out what they said to be “glaring resemblances” between BLACKPINK and aespa’s Coachella appearances.

As a result, aespa is often accused of copying BLACKPINK. However, things have changed with a recent release. In particular, aespa has long been known for their AI concept, as well as having a whole different metaverse and concept that’s unique to the group. 

BLACKPINK was accused of copying aespa 

On July 29th, BLACKPINK officially collaborated with PUGB mobile to hold “The Virtual” – an in-game concert that stars AI versions of BLACKPINK. The group also released their AI MV “Ready For Love”, rousing allegations that they copied the concept of aespa. In addition, the designs of BLACKPINK’s AI models also caused controversies, especially when netizens put them side by side with aespa members. 

In addition, other netizens also believe that several scenes from BLACKPINK’s “Ready For Love” MV seems to have been “inspired” by other works of aespa. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Isn’t this basically copying aespa?
  • I don’t stan BLACKPINK or aespa, but yeah there are similarities 
  • Wow the similarities are insane
  • I also think Jennie’s 3D model looks more like Karina 

Is aespa the pioneer of the AI concept in Kpop? 

Against numerous comparisons, several pointed out that “Ready For Love” and “The Virtual” are not the only AI projects that starred BLACKPINK. Instead, the group has previously released a virtual performance video of “Ice Cream” via Zepeto, and even hosted the first virtual fansign in the world. Meanwhile, aespa hadn’t even debuted at the time, so if anything, BLACKPINK has embraced AI long before aespa entered the industry. 

In addition, the two groups follow completely different paths, with aespa’s AI concept being a central theme, while BLACKPINK only occasionally delve into such realms for promotions. Therefore, the claims that BLACKPINK copy aespa are rather groundless. 

As of the moment, the public has been leaning towards BLACKPINK’s side, and below are some of their comments: 

  • BLACKPINK did AI before aespa, and before that was KDA. aespa needs to open their eyes and realize that the AI concept doesn’t belong to aespa
  • Imagine thinking a group like BLACKPINK has to resort to copying.. It’s just the AI trend
  • How come the AI concept is owned by aespa? BLACKPINK has been doing it since forever?
  • aespa copied BLACKPINK first though
  • Having the same hairstyle doesn’t lead to copying 
  • BLACKPINK isn’t following the AI concept, they are literally just working with PUBG Mobile
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